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Losing sight of what it's all for

Sometimes we can lose sight of what we are doing. As a Post Production Supervisor, I live in a world of workflows, some established and some that take constant re-working into what we like to envisage as best practice. 

Last year, working on one of the first HDR projects for Factual Entertainment, the workflows were blank pages. For the first time in what seemed like forever we were creating something new in a world without full specification. 

As a technical person, I was inspired by the challenge and excited at the prospect of there being no real ‘right answer', and threw myself into the world of 4K HDR creation and what we could create.  

Part of my job is to keep Editorial happy and to give them the best options to help them realise their vision. I researched, called all my learned colleagues, pored over the 300 page technical specification and all advised on finishing in HDR first then down-converting to SDR. 

While I was busy learning the intricacies of the P3 Clamp and the in-depth reading up on highlights, I suddenly thought about who would be watching. 

The majority of people will be watching the show in SDR, and so this must be the best version we can create. After discussing with the Editorial team it was really apparent that we must ensure that the majority is catered for — otherwise what is the point? 

So after lots of conversations and tweaks to the workflow, we finished our shows in SDR and the created our HDR version from there. And I have to say it looked great in both!

We often get carried away with the newness and capabilities of tech, without always thinking about our audience. Recent complaints on recent programs being too dark is a sure sign that we need to look at this further! Could it be because we are pushing the boundaries while reviewing on top of the range OLED screens that are not what people have in their homes? 

I love TV, I watch it obsessively. Watching a program can change our political motivations, cheer us when we are sad, inspire, motivate and bring us together. 

Let’s remember why we make what we do, by the people, for the people.

Terrestrial v Online?

Just procrastinating aloud here..... I was reading an interesting article today about how television is changing from a broadcaster perspective, and in some ways already has. 

Production companies have always traditionally skewed their pitch at time slots, but with Amazon and Netflix now very much on the scene - will this now be changing? In order for current channels to compete with online broadcasters, the slot wars might become defunct. 

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