Chloe Blackwell Freelance Post Producer / Supervisor. Click Post Production

Terrestrial v Online?

Just thinking out loud here..... I was reading an interesting article today about how television is changing from a broadcaster perspective, and in some ways already has. 

Production companies have always traditionally skewed their pitch at time slots, but with Amazon and Netflix now very much on the scene - will this now be changing? In order for current channels to compete with online broadcasters, the slot wars might become defunct. 

Thoughts turn to content, how will this competition between Terrestrial and Online play out? My hope is that it will drive a new type of programming that pushes creative excellence, which in turn forces tech to move more dynamically.

Tech is already moving very quickly, currently Netflix and Amazon have more flexibility to embrace and adapt to these evolving technologies, where it already feels the traditional channels are lagging behind. 

As someone who delivers programs, I am excited by the new innovations, the pushing of boundaries and the thought of new challenging programming being introduced. I hope this will keep the current surge of technical excellence as good, fresh and exciting. 

Chloe Blackwell 

Click Post Production Ltd